Ecosmarte Testimonials


Pool Testimonials"I am very pleased with the quality of your product and the dramatic change I have experienced with my pool; although, at first, I was skeptical whether or not the Ecosmarte system was going to work. I quickly realize that the system backed all it claimed. I can swim in my pool without the awful smell of chlorine. Its wonderful! The combination of the Ecosmarte chamber and the ZEOsmarte in my filter has resulted in the cleanest, purest water I have ever had the luxury of swimming in. I thank you once again for inventing a product as revolutionary as this one with my health in mind."
Gabriel Albelo - Miami, FL

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Spa Testimonials"We love our new ECOsmarte Chlorine-free Spa System. The chlorine used to make my wife sick, and leave our skin dry. Now the water feels soft, leaves our skin feeling soft, and there's no strong chlorine odor. We're using our spa nightly. As a result, we're relaxed and sleep like babies through the night. It's one of the best investments we've ever made!"
Tim Verhelst - Anchorage, AK