Chemical Free Pool

With the technology of today, there are many options available when it comes to a chemical free . The drying and bleaching of the hair, burning of the eyes, and drying of the skin are just a few of the reasons that you should consider making your pool a chemical free one.

When using chemicals in a pool you are not only exposing your family to toxic chemicals but you are also exposing them to the health problems that can be caused by these chemicals as well. It has been stated that the chlorine used in swimming pools can cause asthma and breathing related problems in children. As an adult the chlorine has been linked to an increased risk of coronary heart disease and rectal and bladder cancers. By changing your pool over to a chemical free pool with a system like the one available from Ecosmarte Pool, you will not only be doing your family a favor but also the environment and your pool equipment as well.

You do have other options available over chlorine but they still will not produce a chemical free pool. There are Salt Systems but they are still chlorine. Salts chemical name is sodium chloride and is used to make chlorine. The mineral cartridge systems are expensive. Although they reduce the amount of chlorine needed it still has to be used and not able to provide a chemical free pool. Another non-chlorine treatment option is biaguanide. A common brand name of biaguanide is Baquacil. This is an alternative to a chlorine treatment but is very expensive and must be added by hand daily. Ozone generators are an option for a chemical free pool however they work best when used in smaller pools or spas. They generally must run continually to adequately clean the water.

The most cost efficient way to achieve a chemical free pool is with a system such as the Ecosmarte Pool system. By using and ionization plus oxygen system you eliminate the need for chemicals in your pool. This will effectively get rid of dry and damaged skin or hair, bleached clothes, and brittle and worn pool equipment. Not to mention the health benefits that comes with having a chemical free pool. Having a chemical free pool using the ionization plus oxygen system provides the clean and disinfected environment that you are use to getting with the chlorine but it is better since it is providing a chemical free pool. To create this chemical free pool is a two step process. The first process is an Ionization stage which is a catadyne process. This stage alone would provide an unstable water environment. The second stage is an oxidation stage which is an anodyne process.

The combination of these two processes can provide a cleaner and safer pool. These chemical free pool systems can have an added bonus of being more economical than costly chemicals. The choice is yours to make the switch to a chemical free pool to save your health, your skin, and your environment.