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ECOsmarte Glass Media provides superior cleaning with 25% improvement in turbidity removal
compared to sand and is equivalent to Zeolite without the significantly increased hassle and
maintenance associated with DE filters.

Sand and cartridges (20-100 microns filter range) cannot trap bacteria, giardia cysts, blood cells,
or human skin cells. While diatomaceous earth (DE) filters can trap these extremely fine particles
(8-10 microns), they also carry a significant maintenance (cleaning of grids and regular additions
of lost Zeolite) and cost. The Ecosmarte Filter Glass Pack not only removes bacteria and human
cells like DE/Zeolite but is safer to use and reduces operating costs for pool filtration. Unlike sand
or Zeolite filter glass contains no crystalline silica which can cause cancer and breathing problems
with continued  exposure. Filter glass not only decreases back wash water use by one half of
Zeolite and one quarter of sand but also lowers the consumption of chlorine, coagulants and
metal removers in chlorine pools. Filter glass has a useful life up to 9 years.
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