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Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy pool water is a problem a lot of pool owners have to deal with during the warm months
their pool is in use. There are four top reasons why pool water gets cloudy.
Poor water chemistry being one of the top reasons why your pool ends up with cloudy pool water.
This is an issue for people using chemicals to clean their pools. A low chlorine reading, lack of
shocking a pool, high pH reading, the alkalinity and/or hardness of the water or any such
combination of all of the above can result in cloudy pool water.

Microscopic particles can also be an issue if your filter does not catch particles that are very tiny.
These microscopic particles which can be bacteria, dirt or debris will remain suspended in your
pool water causing cloudy pool water.
Poor filtration is a huge problem when your filter is dirty and needs to be clean or your filtration
system is not working properly this will also lead to cloudy pool water.
Lastly environmental factors can lead to variations needed with pool chemicals to correct
problems such as rain, wind, pets, and swimmer load, debris carried into the pool by winds such
as leaves, lawn clippings or dirt particles.

Believe or not but the use of chemicals in pools require to be very precise in exactly how much
you add a little to much of something or a little less of something can alter the appearance of your
pool water resulting in cloudy pool water.  The chemicals we also use to keep our pools sparkling
clean also tend to come with a risk all on there own.  Chlorine has been linked to various
increased risks with certain health issues. Bladder and rectal cancer being two main health
problems that poses increased risk with the use of chlorine. Chlorine has also been linked to an
increase with children’s asthma.

As you see cloudy pool water is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to keeping your pool
clean, running efficiently and safely.  Not to mention the majority of the issues is because of
chemicals and how those chemicals work. When a mess up of chemicals happens it can end up
being pretty costly to fix a cloudy water mess. Many times it requires you to add more types of
chemicals to your pool and running your filter for periods of up to 24 hours straight.

Most people do not like the idea of adding chemicals to their pool on such a grand scale. As there
are many ways to safely maintain your pool and to cut down on pool problems such as cloudy
ways very few products on the market can eliminate these problems all together with out being
overly costly.

pool water can be avoided by simply changing the method you use to properly maintain
your pool. We have a unique system in which water is pulled through the pressure lines and
shocked by a non-chemical means. Weekly you would then ionize the pool by switching a button
on the control panel and adding copper to your pool. This perfectly safe copper then makes sure
all bacteria and algae are taken care of.  Easily and simple and cloudy pool water is now a thing
of the past. There is now no need for added chemicals or any chemicals to be placed in your pool
at all. This method not only eliminates cloudy water it’s very cost effective.
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