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chemical free spa
The ECOsmarte spa system creates two powerful sanitizing
agents-copper ions and oxygen. This combination of
copper ionization and non-chemical oxidation produces
clean and clear water not available with other sanitizing
systems.As the water returns to the spa through the
ECOsmarte copper-oxygen electrode chamber, either
copper ions or natural oxygen is released. Both copper
ions and oxygen molecules sanitize your spa water by
killing bacteria, algae, and viruses.
non chlorine spa
Is Copper in the Water Safe
for me?

Absolutely. We run our spas
at 25% of the safe drinking
water levels according to the
EPA. In fact, if you drank 2
gallons of spa water, you
would ingest the amount of
copper found in a
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Copper Ionization

ECOsmarte uses copper ionization technology first developed for the Apollo space program. Copper ions are safe for humans, planst, and animals but lethal to bacteria, algae and certain viruses. Copper ions are only added to the spa for several hours with each fresh water fill and usually last at effective levels until the next draining and refill. This residual sanitizer is recognized by both the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Natural Non Chemical Oxidation

ECOsmarte proprietary non-chemical method of oxygen generation separates our system from other chemical reducing water purification systems on the market. Oxidation is achieved when water passes through the titatnium electrode plate with a low voltage electrical current. This electrolysis separates water (H2O) into free oxygen (O2)  and hydroxyl radicals (OH), the most powerful oxidizers (superior to ozone and sodium hypochlorite, the dominant form of chlorine) for water disinfection. These oxidizers are responsible for eliminating body oils, sun tan lotions and dead organic matter, killed by the copper.