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Salt Water Pool Cost

Pools are expensive. However, with a little planning, you should be able to save up for one that is within your budget. It is, however, important to keep in mind that there are ongoing costs
associated with pools. Pools of different kinds have different costs in general. How much do salt water pools cost? Here’s a look at the prices you should expect, keeping in mind that pools cost more or less depending on where you live.

If you don’t currently have a pool, the biggest salt water pool cost will be the actual shell of the
pool and the installation. This is the same in all kinds of pools. For a concrete bas, you can expect to spend anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000, depending on the pool size and shape. Fiberglass shells are a bit cheaper, ranging from $15,000 to $25,000. The least expensive option is vinyl, which usually doesn’t cost more than $15,000 and can even cost as low as $6,000. Of course, these are all in-ground options. You can also check out above-ground salt water pool cost ranges, which are usually about $2,000 to $5,000, again depending on size and shape.

If you already have a pool, then you simply need to convert it to a salt water system. The salt
water pool cost ranges vary greatly here, depending on your existing system. You may not have to change anything at all, as far as equipment goals. This is because a salt water pools are actually still considered fresh water. The have very little salt in them, when compared to the water of, for example, the ocean. So, you can keep the salt water pool cost fairly low if you have appropriate pumps and pipes. Check with your manufacturer, especially if your fixtures are stainless steel. They may need to be replaced, which can be quite expensive.

How much do salt water pools cost to maintain? Actually, if you are diligent with caring for your
pool, you can save money and converting to a salt water system will pay for itself in around two
years. As fast as chemicals go, the salt water pool cost is lower than the typical pool cost because you don’t have to buy chlorine. Chlorine is quite expensive at around $60 per bucket. The salt water pool cost is lower because salt makes its own chlorine. So, you just need to buy the salt. Most pools use less than $20 worth of salt every summer.

Of course, you must remember to calculate salt water pool cost including other chemicals, as well as chemical testing kits to regulate the water. These salt water pool costs are about the same as that of a regular pool, though.

Should the salt water pool cost make your choose a salt water system? No. The salt water pool
cost savings is minimal, and most people choose this system for other reasons. Make sure that you understand all issues with salt water pools before you make your final choice.

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