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Using chemicals in spas can have some serious health side effects.
Chlorine has been known to cause cancer, and asthma in children.

Chlorine has also been known to cause skin  conditions, like rashes and

Why would you want to relax in a chemical hot tub, when you could be in
clear, clean, and chemical free hot tub water?
Chemicals and salt water generators hurt your spa equipment. From the actual
spa, to the pump and head rests.

The Ecosmarte spa systems are not corrosive, and will not harm your
equipment or your spa.

Because there is no chlorine used, your spa will last longer, and you will not
have to replace your equipment every 5 years.
Our spa systems were built specifically to be environmentally
friendly. There are no hazardous chemicals used, therefore
eliminating dangerous and polluting chemical backwash.

The Ecosmarte spa systems also run on low energy levels. It
only costs pennies a day to run our system. The more energy
usage we can reduce, the better.
Chlorine and other traditional spa chemicals will damage your hair,
dry out your skin, and clog your pores.

Our Spa Systems are 100% chemical free, and our sanitizers are
actually good for your skin, copper and oxygen. Copper is actually
found in many beauty products, because it is beneficial to your skin
and hair.
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